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Virtues Of Jumu’ah Jumah (Friday Prayer)



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The day of Jumuah holds great importance and significance in Islaam. Different forms of worship have been stipulated for this day. It is a day when Muslims gather together and has been referred to as ‘the Eid of the Muslims’. On the day of Jumuah, Rasulullaah would recite certain surahs punctually in and out of Salah. The importance of dua on this day has been highlighted in various ahadith. There is one special moment on Jumuah where duas are readily accepted. Many virtues have been narrated and encouragement has been given regarding the sending of salawat on this day. Those who pass away on this day will be saved on the punishment of the grave. The name of this day has been specifically mentioned in the Qur’aan. The angels descend to the earth to witness the acts of worship of the believers on this day. In Jannah, this day will be called Yaumul-Mazeed (Day of increase) because the people of Imaan will be blessed with the vision of Allaah every Jumuah, and they will receive more bounties than before. Some scholars are of the opinion that the night of Jumuah is superior to Lailatul-Qadr.

Keeping these virtues in mind, this book was prepared to highlight to the public the great virtues of Jumuah, so that particular importance is devoted to this day.

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